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SEOUL | Introspection is at the core of Soulpot Studio’s SS 15 collection “Active calm”. This deeply human feeling is one of  Kim Su Jinn main sources of inspiration. His designs feature organic shapes and hues to illustrate the importance of keeping a bond with nature despite of progress and rapid urbanization. This soul search stands out on Kim’s latest collection as the designer finds a way to cope with the side-effects of the modernization of the city of Seoul. Namely the erosion of traditions and the inevitable westernization of the local culture. Modern art, pureness and elegance intersect at Soulpot Studio’s SS15 collection to embody the collision between South Korean traditions and Western culture. Soulpot ss15-24 Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Soulpot Studio SS15 show in full. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS.

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