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BEIJING | Simon Gao's show was impressive. Models wearing subtle make-up almost glowed in the dark thanks to the impressive outfit's and the spectacular shapes that blurred the man's with the woman's body.  A futuristic show, with a touch of simplicity, where the outfits spoke by themselves transmitting the essence of androgyny. Simon Gao says his AW 2013 Collection is all about meditation and cosmic energy. And the designs are aimed at "telling people how this energy affects human behaviour", he adds. Simon Gao (1981) was educated in Singapore, Switzerland and New Zealand and he founded his fashion brand in 2009. His designs are committed to the art of tailoring, which is giving Gao's spectacular and futuristic outfits a growing reputation within China's Haute Couture fashion scene. More on Simon Gao at his official website. Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy Simon Gao's show in full.

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