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SEOUL | Samcheong dong (삼청동) is one of my favourite areas in Seoul.  Unlike buzzing shopping hubs such Myeondong and Dongdemun, there are no malls in Samcheong dong. The quiet and narrow alleyways typical of the traditional hanok villages are packed with small boutiques that sell a very stylish selection of K-fashion goods. There are also many coffeeshops, art galleries and small restaurants. It’s usually packed with people on weekends but it’s a wonderful area to spend the afternoon and enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking  the traditional rooftops of this quiet area and mountains that surround the city. The street Yun Bo-seong-gil (nearby Anguk Subway Station exit 1) is a good start point to explore Samcheong-dong. Keep walking North until you reach Bukchon-ro 5 gil. These streets already have a few shops and nice coffee shops, but the best part begins as you head West  and pass the relaxing gardens of the Jeongdok Public Library. There, best is to get lost because some of the best stores are hidden in tiny alleyways. When you are ready to get back in track follow the street Bukchon-ro 5ga-gil, which is packed with very nice clothing boutiques featuring many different styles, all of them very feminine and chic. Further West, at the end of Bukchon-ro 5ga-gil you’ll find the popular and trendy street of Samcheong-dong ro. The atmosphere here is slightly different. There are far more coffee shops than boutiques but it’s really fun discovering exquisite terraces and other worth visiting outlets carefully and elegantly sandwiched in the hilly  side of the street. After all the shopping, find a good place to chill out before visiting the Hanok villages around Bukchon-ro 11-gil street. Photos by Iris Mir - Earth to Iris.    

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