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BARCELONA | The jewels created by Roberto Carrascosa and Victoria Aroca embody  in many creative ways the designers’ artistic freedom and personality.  The couple founded the Atelier Roberto & Victoria Cult Jewelry in an attempt to combine innovation with classical jewellery  and emphasize handcraftship.   Roberto and Victoria follow a singular exploration of forms and materials. They envision jewelry as a subtle manifestation of individuality, non conformism and self expression. Most of their pieces are unique or come in limited collections. Beautiful materials such silver, gold, brass, gemstone, semiprecious or synthetic stones, are infused with contemporary functionality and sophistication . The jewelers background, sensitivity and eclecticism result in subtle jewels; or in daring and sophisticated items. Such as their unexpected rings;  or their exquisite skill of recreating ancient jewels into new and powerful pieces  with a bit of elegant rocker vibe. The Roberto & Victoria Store-Atelier is also worth a visit due to its magnificent location: the noble Lledó Street, in the heart of the Gothic Quartier of Barcelona. Their seductive space pays tribute to their cosmopolitan and elegant  approach to conceptual jewellery design. On top of that, if you drop by the atelier you’ll enjoy the privilege of witnessing the designers crafting their bespoke jewels.   Photos courtesy of Roberto & Victoria. Roberto & Victoria address: Carrer dels Lledó, 10 08025 Barcelona / Spain T.+34 678 738 117  

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