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BARCELONA | The Born district in Barcelona  has a legendary tradition of ancient crafts and trade stores and workshops. Most of them are family businesses that transferred their expertise from one generation to the other. However, with time and due to modernization, many had to gradually close heir doors, as the Born district evolved into a trendsetting quartier full of the most chic and  coolest spots. The emblematic Colchoneria is one of such legendary stores. It closed its doors in 1999, after a century selling mattresses and other house ware textiles.  In September, though, la Colchoneria reopened refurbished and transformed into a beautiful new boutique, POUR TOI Colchoneria. A captivating renaissance, indeed. Experienced José Ajo, who is also the owner of three fashion stores, launched  POUR TOI Colchoneria, as a combination of tradition and  modernity .  The  façade  and the interiors echo the spirit of the years 1900, with  a decor that includes fabrics and elements of the old shop. The boutique caters a well curated selection of classic and fresh designs from national and international labels. Mostly exclusive Italian and Danish brands such MAX MARA, 8PM, HIGH,  KENNEL& SCHMENGEN, ALYSI, MA&LO’, GREYMER,  PENNYBLACK, among others. At POUR TOI Colchoneria you’ll find modern street wear, clothing and accessories.  Feminine and ready to wear pieces available at the best balance prize/quality.   In  a lovely setting that pays a delicate homage to the historic venues of the city Barcelona. Photos courtesy of POUR TOI Colchoneria. Address: Passeig del Born 19, Barcelona. See on Google maps.

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