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BARCELONA | OSLO Barcelona is an open atelier and  store located in an enchanting house in the area of Gràcia, in Barcelona. This is a vivid neighbourhood with a large tradition of artisan workshops and creative collaborations. The members of OSLO Barcelona see their association as a platform to support creative adventures. And so it’s devoted to featuring the work of an eclectic group of thirty-three designers and artists, as an alternative to industrial brands and products. Consequently, OSLO Barcelona puts a strain in the creative process, local production and building a long-term and close relationship with their customers. Its members emphasize craftsmanship and artistry; and the collections they feature are mostly unique items, handmade by its artists in a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, OSLO Barcelona is also a gallery and a space to share experiences.  The association is managed by the four founders of the project: Aloma Lafontana - costume sculpture-, Maria Ninot -treasure jewelry-, Ana Vivero -contemporary ornaments-; and Darabil -handmade millinery-. Amaia, the milliner, is one of the core founders of the project. She was working at the workshop when I visited OSLO, so I got the chance to enjoy a very refreshing conversation with her. She passionately told me about the origin of her project and her partners. Amaia has an academic background in Chinese Language and  Culture,  and she is deeply interested in the creative process itself. So she is very keen on recovering and maintaining alive traditional artisan techniques with the aim to create  singular pieces she performs under her brand DARABIL. Using traditional techniques and fine materials such felt, feathers, straw or voile; she creates charming and original designs: lovely hats and hair ornaments.  There is also a perfect balance on her pieces that evoke the 20’s, 40’s or 50’s feminine look  and edgy contemporary designs. For instance, her last collection Fly me to the moon, which she came up with after spending months investigating the feather art. Ana Vivero considers the Atelier her “laboratory of ideas” where she crafts exclusive pieces, warm-hearted, subtle and tactile. For her clothing line she uses captivating antique fabrics, leather, wool, silk, silver or feathers, as well as other amazing materials she crafts brilliantly, until they become charming celluloid strings. Ana, an autodidact, is particularly skilled in creating delicate pieces in Nuno felt, a Japanese technique she has learned and developed.  This texture is the result of merging fibers: several types of wool and loose layers of silk, cotton or pearls.  She patiently explores and combines fibers and color, resulting delicious textures to handcraft shawls and collars. She also stocks Shibori silk scarves. There is indeed much more to discover at OSLO Barcelona, more artisans and their creations.  So it’s is a nice little adventure to just drop by and browse around the beautiful stalls and delicate items. PHOTOS COURTESY OF OSLO BARCELONA. OSLO Barcelona Address: Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 164 Barcelona, Spain.  See on Google maps. 

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