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The inherent good taste the Japanese have for ornaments, fabrics, patterns and other traditional decorations has always captivated me greatly. So during my latest trip to Japan I couldn’t keep my camera away of the tiny little details that bring so much personality and uniqueness to their temples and architecture. Ornaments are everywhere. The streets of old towns like Kyoto, Nara or Nikko have a very special color thanks to individual’s habit of adorning their doors and windows with traditional handicrafts and other decorations. They are all made of very basic materials and are normally very simple. Fabrics like cotton or silk and hand made paper combined with laces, cords and even flower arrangements. Japan is a paradise in itself for those people who love hunting for fresh ideas for new handicrafts and other DIY projects. Likewise, nowadays that fashion is so into mix-and-match, I personally found this color and pattern combinations a very good source of inspiration for creating new outfits; and a very good excuse to reinvent my wardrobe and to give clothes a whole new meaning. So I hope these wonderful and delicate adornments and the combination of colors and fabrics brings you some fruitful style ideas from the land of the rising sun.

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