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HONG KONG | Hong Kong is seeing a surge of multi-brand boutiques asserting Hong Kong’s distinctive and iconic street wear culture. Off The Wall is one of the best examples of this new commitment to spread non-mainstream trends and effectively help consolidate a distinctive fashion scene in Hong Kong. Off the wall Off The Wall mainly carries sporty items that can be mixed and matched with any style. So they allow fashionistas to create fresh, careless and yet sophisticate outfits that in fact characterize the style of Hong Kong’s trend setters. Flashy colors, T-shirts with daring messages, futuristic prints and fantastic patters adorn clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. But the collections are so very well curated that even the most edgy items fit very well within Of The Wall’s style and identity.  Of The Wall sells online and at their two stores in Causeway Bay and Tsimshatsui. They stock Bratson’s T-shirts and jackets for men; and W.I.A’s and Fabitoria’s amazing skirts and tops for women. They also carry designs from one of Hong Kong’s fashion great ambassadors, Day Dream Nation. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Off The Wall in full. Off the Wall Causeway Bay shop Address: 4/F,18 Pak Sha Road Causway Bay, Hong Kong Island See on Google Maps.

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