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BARCELONA | The multicultural and ancient streets of Barcelona’s creative quartier El Raval offer many off the beaten track shopping destinations. And the new design concept store NUOVUM is worth a visit even when you are not in a shopping mood. NUOVUM started first as a very innovative online shop founded by young entrepreneur and graphic designer Jose Sevilla. The huge success of the online store brought Sevilla to invest in a proper brick-and-mortar store. Focusing on local and international designers, product selection and quality, Sevilla does a very good job selecting interesting items, most of them being quite unique or limited editions. The store interiors are light and fresh, with a Scandinavian style decoration. The calm atmosphere and a careful selection of music boost the eclectic ambiance. Young and cosmopolitan, NUOVUM was created a as concept-gallery in Barcelona to showcase the very latest trends in design and fashion. A good mix of jewelry, art and decoration, leather bags and accessories from an eclectic selection of innovative designers, including some coveted brands. NUOVUM carries the stylish jewelry of designers as Alba Casares, Helena Rohner, Après Ski, Aloló Jewelry and Julieta Álvarez. And the gorgeous bags from BET Barcelona. We were also captivated by the original decorative wooden lamps from Woodamp; and the awesome hand-worked species product of the vivid imagination of Ornamante; or the surprising plants of Kokedama Soul. Sevilla is very friendly and he enjoys sharing his passion and devotion to designers that transform creativity into interesting item. NUOVUM EDITION is Sevilla’s latest venture. In collaboration with his preferred designers, they develop exclusive items that reveal the essentials of the NUOVUM concept of design. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF NUOVUM.) Address: NUOVUM Carrer Pintor Fortuny 30, 08001-Barcelona, Spain. See on Google maps.        

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