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NAGOYA | Creativity is the backbone of Nagoya. Historically one of Japan’s main industrial hub, Nagoya has evolved into an interesting design hub. Nagoya Design Centre (IDCN) embodies the distinct personality of this city that has been evolving at the helm of  innovation. The modern building houses a design hall, a design gallery, seminar rooms and other creative institutions like the Nagoya Fashion Association. But when it comes to shopping interesting creations from local designers, the center is also home of the very recommendable creators shop Loop. Loop features a permanent collection of Iconic Japanese brands like Inaguma. Their flawless furniture and cabinetry creations represent the outmost simplicity, elegance and functionality typical of Japanese design. Or Marimonen ‘s distinctive patterns, cloths and shoes. Loop also holds temporary collections by leading creators from Japan and abroad. By the time I visited, the store was showcasing a very well curated selection of African handicrafts from BASEY & African Hands. As well as some items Daladala, produced with mongolian wool. Wakitao Katazome illustrations and Nuance's accessories were also part of these temporary collections. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS. Address: International Design Center Nagoya 国際デザインセンター Japan 〒460-0008 愛知県名古屋市 中区栄3丁目18−1 See on Google maps.

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