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BARCELONA | With no doubt El Born district has become one of the main areas for shopping in Barcelona. It is filled with plenty trendy boutiques and stores that have been there for many years.  New openings are frequent. And MOISTORE is one of the latest additions to this magnificent offer of shopping spots both from interesting local designers and international brands. MOISTORE is run by Jorge Morgó  in collaboration with  Jean-Ives Terron. They are joined by a highly skilled team of professionals from the fields of fashion, arts and music.  The store is located inside a 300 years old palace, which  formerly hosted a stationery store founded in 1929 . The interior design was created to make of MOISTORE much more than a shop, rather it creates a special atmosphere where fascinating clothing and accessories from a coveted list of brands and designers are beautifully showcased. The daring suggestions from Menchén Tomás; the attractive world of Ailanto; the exclusive  luxury bags and clutches of Maison Du Posh; or by Deeksha. The unconventional aesthetic of Barbara Alen; the  sophisticared style of Atelier Gustavolins; or  Brigitte Bardot, that brings the BB icon for young girls and the modern women alike. The jewelry creations from designers based in Barcelona such Mireia Fusté, Coco Zagazeta  and Mimi Scholler have their place too at MOISTORE. Lastly, MOI’s own line of clothing comes in the finest fabrics, cutting and finishing.  MOI’s pieces add a distinctive touch, discrete and elegant to a self-assured woman yet feminine. All photos courtesy of MOISTORE. MOISTORE Address: Carrer de Rere Palau, 2 Barcelona See on Google maps.  

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