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BARCELONA | The very talented Miriam Ponsa is a young and yet consolidated Catalan Designer, whose approach to fashion design and aesthetics is highly independent. Staying away from the constraints of the mandates of the industry’s volatile trends, she is guided by the spirit of the moment, always under her very personal style. Miriam Ponsa Barcelona Miriam Ponsa grew up surrounded by textiles and fabrics in a family with a large tradition in the industry.  After graduating in Fashion Design at the University of  Southampton, Miriam Ponsa started her own fashion brand in the year 2000 and launched her first collection.  She chose the refurbished textile factory founded by her grand-mother in 1886 as her Atelier. Since then her collections have been extremely successful in the best  runways of the country and have received selected awards. The nature of her creative process is based in design and research.  Miriam Ponsa creates pure silhouettes, with a distinctive cut, pattern and shape.  Balancing innovation and tradition, she combines the latest techniques with traditional and artisan skills such basketry. Likewise, she pays strong attention to details, and many of the pieces feature  handmade knots and embroidery. As per the fabrics, Miriam Ponsa is keen in experimenting with innovative materials, such latex. She mixes them up in her collections with traditional fabrics such linen, organic cotton, wooden wool or silk, which creates a very captivating effect. Miriam Ponsa’s designs are in harmony with her work and life attitude. And therefore fashion becomes a platform to express her vision and commitment to authenticity, team work and the recovery of craftsmanship. Miriam Ponsa features both women and men collections. In addition to the boutique she has in Barcelona, located close to the Picasso Museum, and in the Catalan cities of Girona and Manresa, she has recently opened a store in the trendy Le Marais quartier, in Paris. Miriam Ponsa’s designs are also available online and shipped worldwide, from their e-shop. Photos from fashion week 080 Barcelona, Spring-Summer 2015, courtesy of Miriam Ponsa. Miriam Ponsa Barcelona boutique Address: C/ Princesa, 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. See on Google maps.

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