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MICartsy = Made In China + Artsy (artistic). Now transfer these two ideas to Fashion design and try to understand this creative process as if fabrics were canvases. That's the philosophy of Skelly Wang, the creative brain behind MICartsy. There's this convention where people thinks there is no design in China, where everything is mass production and I wanted people to know we also can make things in China and make them more Artsy, more artistic", she says. MICartsy's items are unique and special "Each one is one of a kind. Our designs are for people who care about details", Skelly argues. The brand was launched in December 2011 with her first and delicate collar collection. She used this sophisticated accessory to develop a concept of her own. When the creative process starts, all the items look the same. A blank collar, a blank sweater or a blank skirt. But the moment MICartsy's team gets to work, magic happens! "We are different than other fashion companies. Because we just define the base, like to collar, and then we do hand embroidery on the collar. We produce all the collar base and then we use them as a paper. We 'paint' them. We use the trim to make a picture on the colour or on the garment", explains Skelly. All images courtesy of MICartsy. Shop MICartsy online on the official website. In China at designer stores like DongLiang boutique (Shanghai) or UCCA Store (Beijing). In the UK at Tusch & Egon  (London).

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