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BARCELONA | Olga R. Menchén and Francesc Grau Tomàs, two young yet veteran fashion designers,  created  the firm Menchén Tomàs (M/T) in 1995. Since the launch of their first collection, the two designers have worked very closely with each other. Their deep bond allows them to have their respective creative personalities blend seamlessly and form a unique identity. This brand embodies the perfect balance. All of its items encapsulate the musts of exclusive design: natural shapes with a sophisticate touch. So that’s why Menchén Tomàs counts with a solid base of loyal customers that like to check for new additions to their wardrobes every season. 23_menchen_tomas_pantalon_bombai_y_camiseta_lio Menchén Tomàs has three different collections: daywear, evening gowns and bride. The three of them share the brand’s commitment to the use of high quality fabric, cutting, finishing, and design, good design. Far from mass production, they create collections in small series that are launched throughout the year.  In a way they are like capsule collections that want to give dynamism to the brand’s style, offering customers the chance to keep their clothing options diverse while giving this sense of uniqueness to the items they purchase. Some items, though, are featured every year. They become the essentials of M/T such as the Carnation-skirt or the Lolo pants. There are customers who like to collect the different versions every season.  Also, there are other specific details they keep on using in their designs that became part of the brand’s personality and can’t be missed. Such as their use of frills, which are blurred with fabrics through shapes as crazy as the Maracas shirt. The M/T style stands out for its unique combination of elegance and daring suggestions.  Years of work experience results in their collections embodying their strong bond. Their creative duality can’t be felt in the way they use and mix fabrics. Why not to use the cotton poplin of the shirts on an evening dress? Or the other way around, to use a rich evening gown fabric  in a daywear dress.  Menchén Tomàs are skilled in this complex art of decontextualizing  fabrics and shapes to give them a whole new feeling. Balance is at the core of Menchén Tomàs' collections. A woman can have a  complete tailored look.  The bridal and evening models bear all the hallmarks of their style. A plus of creativity in shapes, colours and fabrics make their creations versatile. They can dress the bride, the family and the guests. Olga and Francesc likes to be in control of the whole process:  design, production and  tailoring. Which means they personally pick the fabrics and work closely with their team of assistants to ensure nothing is missed. As they have their own workshop, the items can be also adapted to each customer. They can twinkle some small details or even the sizing. But it’s in the made-to-measure designs where their feminine and delicate style shines. There we see the designers carefully perform the classic work of the couturier. Starting from a first meeting with the customer they go detail by detail to define and capture what kind of design she has in mind. They draw a sketch accordingly and later they make a pattern and a handcrafted prototype in cotton. Afterwards they decide the fabric and the final touches as they proceed to fitting. This process of customization and improving won’t end until they achieve a gown that is the very expression of uniqueness: lightness, sophistication and quality; the hallmark of Menchén Tomàs. Read more about Menchén Tomas and "their special bond" on our Tumblr. (All images courtesy of Menchén Tomàs). Menchén Tomàs Address: C/Riera de St.Miquel no.37, Barcelona, Spain. See on Google Maps

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