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BEIJING | Enough with complaining. It’s time to look to your inner self and be silent. That’s the main lead of Luvon by Liu Lu’s latest collection. The Chinese fashion designer, Liu Lu, strongly believes people would live more peacefully if they would stop this unconscious habit of complaining and bubbling negative words about what surrounds them. And so she wanted to use fashion, her talent, to remind people about the beauty of life. To encourage her clients to do this little exercise, Luvon by Liu Lu AW14 collection adorns most of her creations with buttons (the symbol of silence in Chinese). “I wanted to use buttons as a reminder. So that when women wear my designs and they see the buttons they would remember and ask themselves: oh did I say something bad did I complain today?”. Loyal to her modern chic style, Luvon by Liu Lu’s silence collection is as sexy as powerful as ever. Sophistication is probably the best complement to inner confidence. Liu Lu came back to China with 27 years aldo, after studying abroad for ten years. From Beijing she wanted to follow her passion and create her own fashion brand. China’s fashion scene is experiencing a very interesting moment, which she compares with Japan in the 70s. At that time all these big fashion designers like Yamamoto were going to Paris. “Many designers like me who were born in the 80s are now coming back from abroad. We bring to China this international background that influences our style. And we mix it with the local culture and local style to create something new”, she says. Click the images below to enlarge the photo gallery and enjoy Luvon by Luvon by Liu Lu AW14 collection in full. Photos by Iris Mir - Earth to Iris.

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