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HONG KONG | Liucia Japan’s fashion accessories are destined to last and survive any trend. The designs embody some of the most cherished attributes of Japanese culture: Delicate and sophisticate lines perfectly balanced with the right amount of modernity and minimalism. “Fashion is fun”, says Business Manager Nobu Takeda, “but what we try to do is to make it fun and, also, comfortable”. liucia japan Liucia Japan experiments with lines and shapes to create edgy and timeless accessories. Like the daring hand-painted nappa platforms that elegantly imitate lizard skin. Or the original origami purses. That fold and unfold like, of course, origami. But the most distinguished item of their collection are the pretty clutches made from Kimono belts. They come in limited series. They are all different as they are made from different kimono belts. Like the Kimonos, which mothers pass onto their daughters as they grow up, these clutches fit both generations. They don’t understand of trends or styles. As their stylish value is transformed by the personal style of the person who is wearing them. They are as magic and delicate as they can be, coming from a piece of garment like Kimonos, which only one centimeter of embroidery can take at least three days to make by hand. Liucia Japan was founded in 2004 and since then it has earned a solid reputation among the sophisticate boutiques in countries like Japan, Russia and Singapore. Five years later it opened its first and sole free-standing boutique in Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan SoHo District. Liucia Japan Hong Kong Boutique Online store: Address: G/F 16A Aberdeen Street Central, Hong Kong Island Tel.:+852 3122 4185 See on Google Maps.

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