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BEIJING | China is the last step of the global journey of Karl Lagerfeld and his Little Black Jacket. The photo exhibition stopped in international cities like Seoul, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Paris and Tokyo before reaching Beijing and Shanghai. The two Chinese cities host simultaneously the second edition of The Little Black Jacket with 20 new pictures that include Chinese celebrities like Sun  Feifei, Zhou Xun, Li Yuchun or the popular fashion blogger Han Huohuo. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, the exhibition shows very deep images of more than 100 public figures: artists, fashion bloggers, celebrities and fashion designers. They all give a new dimension to Chanel's classic reinforcing the value of this iconic piece. Timeless and versatile the jacket gives figures from around the world an outstanding expressiveness. Blog post: It Takes Only One Jacket, But Not Just Any Jacket   Click the images below to enlarge the photo gallery and enjoy The Little Black Jacket in full.

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