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BARCELONA | As soon as you enter this elegant store, you feel an alluring blend of beauty and singularity. JANTVARI is an experience store, an inspiring space for cult beauty brands and lifestyle products in an avant-garde setting. JANTVARI opened five months ago in one of the chicest areas of Barcelona, the Turó Park neighborhood. Here you will find some of the best beauty products. An exquisite selection of creative signature scents like État Libre d’Orange, Montale, House of Sillage, Mancera, Biehl Parfum, M.Micallef or Luis Ventós, among others lining the shelves. Skin and body care and beauty lines: essentials selected among the most elegant and established all around the world : Dr. Sebagh, Annayake, Ingrid Millet , Cosmetics 27 and Pro care. The prestigious Make up brands Annayake and La Spiaggia are just a few of the most accurate JANTVARI proposals. In addition, be sure to find useful tools and accessories, including hand-painted candles, brushes and soaps from A.Cunill Beauty Accessories, Diamancel’s diamond nail polish, or hair care products from Jo Hansford. JANTVARI also offers an exclusive range of Lifestyle items, which have been carefully selected for their clientele. Another gem are the very unique luxury handbags from Jhan Carlo Torrenegra. They are made with the most artisan tradition, which hand crafts adorable leather in beautiful shades. If you want to give your outfit a touch of elegance, those versatile handbags can be made to measure to meet personal choices and tastes. Do not miss the seductive jewelry of Jeanette Watts. These stylish artisan pieces come in limited editions, with an ethnic touch, which makes them extremely easy to wear. Lastly, the portable wireless Bluetooth speakers from Stellé Audio Couture: discover the surprising mini-clutches and speakerphone, all in one. Attentive costumer care is at the core of JANTVARI’s shopping experience. Their experienced Staff is ready to provide any personalized advice and answer any consultation about their products and how to use them or style them. (All photos courtesy of Jantvari). JANTVARI Address:
Carrer Francesc Pérez Cabrero, 15
08021 Barcelona
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