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I've been looking for a dressing gown for months. Couldn't find any that suited me. It was either because of the type of fabric, the pattern, or simply that I wasn't in the right mood when I tried them on. Finally, one day I went shopping to Uniqlo and found their very nice collection of traditional Yukata. The marvelous patterns are inspired by Japans' famous illustrator Junichi Nakahara (1913- 1983). A Yukata is Japan's traditional casual dress and should be worn with a properly tied Obi (the beautiful belt tied in a sophisticated bow at the back on traditional Japanese outfits). Yukata's are normally very long with very loose sleeves. Certainly not the most easy to wear dress gown. But I got hands on and transformed into a very comfortable dress gown by making it shorter and narrowing the sleeves. I was done in just one afternoon! And it was fun! Learn how to wear a Yukata: And finally, learn how to properly tie the Obi belt: Creativity is thriving! From Earth to Iris, we want to share with you all the things that inspire us. We are launching this small section to complement the original content of our blog. In this ‘Inspiration Collage’ you can keep track of the exhibitions we visited, artists and creative minds we met or any other stuff we found online. Unlike the rest of our sections, most of the posts we feature here link to external content.

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