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HONG KONG | Past winners and finalists from the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest YDC showcase their latest SS16 collections at the Fashionally #4 fashion show. MATT Hui by Matt Hui Matt Hui’s background and previous experience working with renowned local brands such Shanghai Tang and Johanna Ho clearly shows in his latest SS16 collection. The designer’s skillful use of fabrics and textures is sublime. Nature is always at the core of Matt’s designs. But he doesn’t like to use flowers or the typical patterns to illustrate his obsession with the beauty of Nature. Instead he uses different kinds of contrasting materials and textures such as silk, organza, next to chiffon and heavy knit coupled with light jersey. For his SS16 collection these daring combination pay homage to the strength and vulnerability of the orchid flower. BLIND by JW The duo Walter Kong and Jessica Lau are behind the fairy world of Blind. The designers decided to name the label after the world blind, as an analogy to the dream world that hides behind an imaginary courtain. For their SS16 collection, the “key” to their candy world is inspired by the romantic story of the Nutckracker, with a scifi twist. Structural cuts, layers, pleats and draping inspired by the shapes of candies reproduce a futuristic world of their own. According to their story, a swan takes the Nutckracker to a candy world where he’ll find true love. A positive story that wants to bring happiness to the Asian fashion market, where darker colors are the norm. To make it even more personal and special, all the patterns are created by the designers themselves; hand-drown in pencil and painted with water-color. Their line of accessories should not be missed either. Candy-like earrings and necklaces; as well as colorful origami pleaded clutches bring joy to their outfits. LAPEEWEE by Yannes Wong Designers Yannes Wong and Wong Hoi Yi find their inspiration in the quiet stillness of the Ocean, its natural colors and marine life. Lapeewee’s designs are cut with clean lines and matte fabrics to highlight the beauty of the female body. At the same time, the label reproduces the designers’ philosophy that there is always time to take a break and appreciate the nature and the beauty of our surroundings. MODEMENT BY Aries Sin Modement masters the art of unisex wear like a pro. Designer Aries Sin’s clothes use the human body as a canvas over which she gives to traditional elements a new expression. For her latest SS16 collection she delves into the traditions of Cantonese opera, in which every costume depicts a scene, picture or story. HANG by Mim Mak Borrowing from the German word for “slope”, designer Mim Mak launched her brand HANG in 2012 to experiment with cutting and fabrics to create daring ready-to-wear items. Her SS16 collection goes under the theme of “The Finished State”. Each outfit integrates the past, the present and the future, offering room for imagination as to what such “finished state” would be. The designer plays with alteration marks and design details to bring the creative process to a new level. KENAX LEUNG by Kenax Leung Architecture, graffiti and art installations inspire Kenax Leung’s creations. In his latest SS16 collection he pays particular attention to the work of American artist Alyssa Pheobus Mumatz, who works mainly with indigo dye and handmade paper. CHLOE SUNG by Chloe Sung Chloe Sung is one of the youngest brands at the Fashionally show, with just a few months on the market. For her first SS16 collection, the designer looks into her Chinese roots and finds inspiration in Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. Chloe plays with the beautiful gradations created when ink is mixed with water. Like the Yin and Yang, black and white adorn the fabrics to represent the contrasts between hard and soft, virtual and real. SHERMAN KWAN by Sherman Kwan SK Sherman started off designing a quite successful line of bags made of waterproof papers. And now she is starting a new journey with her SS16 collection. She sticks to her unorthodox take on fashion and the use of daring colors and materials. For instance, wasabi green mix-and-matched with matte black to experiment with fresh creative grounds for her label. 112 MOUNTAIN by Mountain Yam 112 Mountainyam SS16 collection explores the links between nature and the city as he bring together the tougher and the softer sides of femininity. The designer’s goal is to create vivid casual wear for the modern hard-working women. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS.

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