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SEOUL | Runway S3 was exclusively dedicated to South Korea’s emerging fashion designers or the so called  Generation Next. The requirements are very strict: only those independent  up-coming designers with up to five years on the market are allowed to showcase their collections as the main runners of the next generation of designers from South Korea. In the SS15 edition of the Seoul Fashion Week, more than twenty five designers integrated the pull of Generation Next creative minds. Among them there were Grace Raiment,  Youser, Mosca Suzanne Suceptible and BNB12. GRACE RAINMENT by  Sojung Grace Kim  “Surfing in Wonderland”  is the theme behind Grace Rainment’s SS15 collection. Grace Rainment’s signature style is based on the brands own approach to minimal romanticism, free from ostentation. Harmonious colours and soft fabrics recreate the wonderful feeling of being in love. SUZANNE SUCEPTIBLE by Cha Soo Jung Ultramodern and conceptual minimalism drives Suzanne Susceptible’s creations. The Spring Summer 2015 collection highlights designer Cha Soo Jung’s very own pursuit of new things and achievements by fighting negative stereotypes and embracing a positive attitude towards life. YOUSER by Mooyeol Lee Youser typical approach to opposite concepts is taken into a new level on the brand’s SS15 collection. And so, designer Mooyeol Lee recreates certain concepts to later deconstruct them as a method of inner reflection. MOSCA by Oh yu kyung Mosca takes its name from the word “fly” in Italian as a way to reaffirm their unique identity. Mosca’s SS15 collection is based on the designer Oh Yu Kyung very own experience with piano lessons while being a kid; and the struggle between the stress of learning and the ambition of acquiring a new skill. BNB12 by Jeongsang Park and Jeongmin Choi To go forward and get moving is the leit motive behind BNB12 extremely urban style.  The designers Jeongsang Park and Jeongmin Choi target mainly young people on their 20s and 30s with very casual lifestyles. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS.

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