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BEIJING | With his 8th Collection the Italian designer Gabriele Colangelo made his debut in Beijing. His AW 2013 fashion show was one of the most elegant at the China Fashion Week. Inspired by the digital distorted images of French artist Laurent Segretier, Colangelo's collection meticulously blends fabrics and styles. Colangelo highlights that "each and every outfit express a feeling of opposites": masculine - feminine, heavy - light. A delicate experimentation with materials and fabrics that allows Colangelo to find the perfect match between antagonist materials like wool and PVC. This experimental search of the fabrics results in a collection featuring classic shapes, classic materials and avant-garde. Born in Milan in 1975, Gabriele Colangelo created his own brand in 2008 after having worked in Versace and Roberto Cavalli. The designer is known for his attention to detail, his special selection of fabrics and craftsmanship. Before coming to China, Colangelo's designs already earned some reputation in other Asian markets like South Korea and Japan. For more on the designer check Gabriele Colangelo's official website. Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy Colangelo's show in full.

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