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EXHIBITION: "Esprit Dior Seoul". Leading South Korean artists created sublime installations to reinterpret the esprit of the House of Dior according to their own aesthetic instincts. The exhibition is unfortunately over, but we liked this collaboration so much that we believed it deserved a post in our inspiration collage series. Dior did other collaborations in the past with artists from other countries. Last year they went to Shanghai for a similar exhibition, where "Miss Dior" put together artists from China and the rest of the world. Kiwon Park uses the traditional South Korean paper Hanji to paint delicate colour gradations from Red to Pink, reminding us of the Dior's feminine dresses. Seonghi Bahk's installation comes from the sumptuousness of J'adore's fragrance golden color. Heryum Kim finds her inspiration on the Roses, which according to her is a very Western flower and the doorway to the mysterious world of nature. Do-Ho Suh continues his exploration of the relationship between clothing and architecture as he creates a gorgeous architectural piece using a similar process to haute couture. Dongyoo Kim creates a very unusual link between Marilyn Monroe and Christian Dior himself. Browse  the videos below to discover their creations.   Creativity is thriving! From Earth to Iris, we want to share with you all the things that inspire us. We are launching this small section to complement the original content of our blog. In this ‘Inspiration Collage’ you can keep track of the exhibitions we visited, artists and creative minds we met or any other stuff we found online. Unlike the rest of our sections, most of the posts we feature here link to external content.

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