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TAIPEI | Exploring Da'an alley's will take you time. Be sure of that. The lanes of Lishui Street, Yongkang Park and around are literally full of local boutiques from young Taiwanese creatives: fashion and accessories shops, apothecaries, handmade soap, tea shops and fabulous local restaurants. At Lishui street lane 6 you'll find MITH. A boutique selling affordable and interesting designs and accessories from Taiwanese emerging independent fashion designers.  For those interested in home décor and other utensils, next to MITH there's Lin's Ceramic studio. Across the street, Fingertip art Taiwan shop has a different vibe. The style might seem more crafty, but everything they sell is of high quality. Nearby, on the way to Yongkang park, NATURE GINGER INGREDIENT sells all sorts of natural beauty products made with one of Asia's most sacred ingredients: Ginger.  Further forward, Yuan Soap is an alternative an environmentally friendly choice for non-industrially produced soap. Many tea shops inhabit the nice streets of Lishui. But Ateliea stands out for its delicate an exquisite design. And, of course, locally sourced Taiwanese teas. Behind tiny Yongkang park,  Check first Pinmo Pure Store a tiny little coffee shop and DIY workshop where you can create your own notebooks and calendars. Walls are stocked with shelves full of different types of traditional papers for you to choose. They come in different sizes and textures so that you can create a special notebook or calendar according to your needs. Nearby, on and around Jinhua street lane 243 the area becomes a bit more residential with stylish restaurants and coffee shops such The Green Steps. Photos by Earth to Iris Related posts: Fujin Street shopping guide. Exploring Taipei. Taiwan by bike, the East coast.

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