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BARCELONA | If fashion is both a design discipline as well as an art, Cortana  accomplishes them both. Cortana boutique  is located in a typical classic building of  Eixample District. Very close to Passeig de Gracia and the emblematic Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Cortana boutique has a Zen atmosphere. It’s located in the below ground level, with windows overlooking the streets. Inside, the designs delicately hung from the ceiling, emphasizing their elegant essence. photo courtesy-of-cortana-2 Cortana’s designs show exquisite elegance and personality. The finest quality of the fabrics: silk, mohair, cashmere.  The excellent tailoring and artisan finishing. Design and refined personality. The 2013/14 Autum-Winter Collection was designed as  an ode to the past, integrating futuristic elements . It harmoniously mixes opposites: The austerity and simplicity  of the shapes  combined  with  shiny materials.  Day wear items are designed to be comfortable and seductive.  Evening gowns and jumpsuits come with an outstanding elegance. Optical illusions of  a sidereal world. But also a woman that evokes the essence of feminine icons of  Hollywood ‘s Golden Years  or  the sensuality  of  the Wong Kar Wai  films. The collection flourishes in cosmic colors: blue and petroleum green, orange, and purple, with glitter effects. There’s also a spot for the always effective black and white; and prints of  galactic inspiration. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Cortana boutique's designs in full / All images courtesy of Cortana. The ingredients of the bridal collection are romanticism and  sensibility jazzed  up by  lovely details.  Timeless beautiful pieces, versatile dresses, transformed by  enveloping laces, shawls and veils. Classic and modern lines are in search of beauty, depicting sensuality through the extremely delicate materials: lace, silk  muslin, sateen, tulle, Chantilly, in  loose silhouette with artisan draped shapes. Cortana’s Bridal collection shows  a delicious combination of ethereal and breathtaking dresses you would desire to wear. Rosa Esteva is the designer of the firm. She was born in a small village in Mallorca, a Mediterranean island. She began to design her first collections soon after  she Graduated in Fine Arts and Design in Barcelona.  In 2001 she opened her first boutique in Palma de Mallorca.  Since then she has added two more boutiques in Barcelona and one in Madrid. She’s been awarded renowned National Awards for her remarkable designs. photo courtesy-of-cortana-2 Cortana - Barcelona Add: Provença 290, Barcelona, Spain. E-shop. See on Google maps.

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