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BARCELONA | Colette Barcelona; the name says it all. This is a cozy, feminine and sweet boutique run by Susana Soler, a creative and enthusiastic young designer. In this boutique atelier Susana designs and handcrafts bijouterie made from antique lace, guipure, buttons, chains or pieces of antique lamps. Most of these materials she finds them in markets, bazaars, vintage fairs and stores from around the world. Susana has a dynamic spirit, and she finds her inspiration in many sorts of ways. This allows her to bring a charming new life to her findings. By reworking and mixing different elements, she creates collars, necklaces, bracelets and accessories, which are beautifully handcrafted with an air of nostalgic aesthetic. Most of the lovely creations are brought in limited editions. They are bespoke unique pieces that thanks to the magic of the antique elements are transformed into wearable and affordable pieces. The boutique also offers a selection of vintage clothing that Susana sources from her international journeys. Such as pretty blouses, skirts or dresses that match harmoniously with the bijouterie she creates. The tiny boutique with retro aesthetic is located in a quiet lane nearby the magnificent Santa Maria del Mar Church. At Collette, Barcelona Susana welcomes clientele from around the world, especially Europeans and Asians. Most of the visitors are people who love strolling around the small streets surrounding the area; and who are eager to find special and different items. (Photos courtesy of Colette Barcelona). Colette Address: Carrer de les Panses 5, 08003, Barcelona Spain. See on Google maps.          

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