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HONG KONG | Exhibition: Christie's Asia celebrated it's 30th anniversary in Asia with an unprecedented auction of Asian Contemporary Art. It was a unique opportunity to admire the works of  renowned artists from Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, China and beyond. The auction was a great opportunity to enjoy a selection of marvelous art pieces by old masters from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries such Giovanni Battista The Polo, François Boucher, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne; among others. Chirstie's first auction took place in 1986 at the iconic Mandarin hotel in Hong Kong. Back then, only 200 lots worth 2 million dollars were auctioned. Nowadays Christie's auctions involve 4000 lots and 500 million dollars.

Chinese Contemporary Ink

Japanese Gutai Art

Asian Contemporary Art

Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy


Old Masters

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