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HONG KONG | Cecilia Ma Couture’s retro-urban-chic designs are causing furore. Her creations are already a must in Hong Kong’s most trendy boutiques, while she is already becoming a regular at the Paris Fashion Week. All of these happened in just two years, since her first ready-to-wear collection debuted in la citée de l’amour, in 2011. cecilia ma Cecilia Ma herself is the reason of her brand’s rapid surge. She’s an avid creator, who transfers to her designs a little bit of herself: elegance, romanticism, sophistication, attention to detail and most importantly a deep commitment to the most exquisite and delicate craftsmanship. The result are eclectic items that borrow infinite sources of inspiration. Cecilia Ma’s creative process is triggered by her sensible ability to deconstruct shapes and colors and later reorganize them into new and unique geometric patterns. This becomes the base of her unconventional jewelry and accessories where she mixes neon and bold colors with gem stones, Swarovski Crystals, resin and vintage assortments. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Cecilia Ma’s designs in full. Cecilia Ma Address: A, 1/F, 3 Gough Street Central, Hong Kong Island. See on Google Maps. Cecilia Ma also sells online on her e-shop.

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