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HONG KONG | Frivolity, romance, seduction and strength are at the core of Camilla and Marc SS16 collection. The Australian duo came up with these attributes inspired by the relationship between a painter and his muse. In particular, Picasso’s oil painting La Lecture, where the artists depicted his secret 17 year old mistress and muse. Camilla and Marc have created a strong collection with a bit of fun to reproduce the lyrical style of La Lecture where Picasso used bright colors and light lines. The painting has been described as being his most colorful, joyous, and well composed. Therefore, Camilla and Marc’s SS16 collection comes with contemporary silhouettes; feminine, strong and sophisticated with just a hint of seduction. There are highlights of mischievous layering and stacked proportions amongst an array of easy shirt dresses, elongated draping and simple structure. In this collection Femininity, sophistication, frivolity and strength should all be of equal parts and measures. Photos courtesy of Electric Sekki.  

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