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BEIJING | Picture this: China's most popular DJs performing in three different stages hidden in a 50.000sqm old steel factory (once China's largest steel factory), located somewhere in the far West Beijing. That's how the fourth edition of Beijing Intro Music Festival became one of the most amazing electronic music festivals of all.
Beijing Intro Music Festival has a reputation for showcasing China's best electronic music. Picking Beijing's Capital Steel Factory (Shou Gang)  as a location was a clever move to boost the Festival's vibe. Pipes, industrial buildings, all sorts of old machineries, chimneys, pipes, railways and wagons surrounded the more than 10 thousand electro music fans. The setting became even better at dawn, when the venue's lighting was turned on and all these pipes and chimneys became a festival of lights. All of this blended by the creations of Chinese VJs. These are some of the DJs that performed during the festival: QQ, Dave K, Patrick Yu, X.L.F., Ou Yang, Huang WeiWei, Nee Bing, Yang Bing, Blackie, Slide, Nichifanlemei, Shen Yue, Diva, Pak and Youga. For the full Line up, click here. According to the organisers, Intro Music Festival is "the most exciting emerging electronic mecca". That's why the festival was conceived to be much more than a music event. It aims to become the landmark gathering of people sharing a common lifestyle and attitude: unity, positivity and respect for nature. Are they on the right track? Well, have a look at the gallery below and discover the latest trends from the electronic music culture of the fascinating city of Beijing. Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy the Beijing Intro Music Festival in full.

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