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BARCELONA | Spanish-Japanese Leti Cano and Barcelonian Clara Arnús are the two young designers behind the brand BaTabasTa. They form and active and enthusiastic, tandem, who are passionate about what they do best: to design creative shirts. Arnús and Cano met each other a few years ago while working for renowned Spanish designers. After gaining some experience, they thought were ready to launch their own project. And since they were very keen in delving into the captivating world of prints they began by creating a series of silk garments under the BaTabasTa label. In 2012, back when Cano was working as a fashion consultant, she presented a friend’s necklace brand at the Young Fashion Designers Fair (DAFF), in Shanghai. To creatively display her friend's bijouterie, Cano and Arnús decided to use some of their own shirts. It turned out to be a success! They sold out the whole collection and they decided to move forward with their label. The pieces are created according to the designers free creative spirits and their attitude toward trends. They source the fabrics from textile markets and stores in China. The result is a bold collection of shirts for women and men, which are made in beautiful and witty prints and patterns, with a playful vibe. BaTabasTa was originally founded in Shanghai, but now they have moved back to Spain. They work between Barcelona and Madrid, where they produce all the garments and design their own prints. The timeless shirts in cotton, viscose or toile de Jouy are colourful and enjoyable to match with denim or suits as well. They also make loose maxi dresses in Chinese silk or viscose. They are versatile and good looking outfits that can take you from the office to the dance floor; at any season. BaTabasTa is currently expanding they universe of prints and their personal design concept into accessories for men, women, pets and home. In addition to their iconic shirts, BaTabasTa is constantly involved interesting collaborations. They designed shirts for DJ’s and musicians, such the outfits for the British indie group Teleman’s tour. In Shanghai, the staff from the city’s hottest clubs and restaurants wear their exclusive prints in their uniforms. Moreover, they have recently collaborated in the interior design at the newly opened hotel in Barcelona Hotel Bonay. The hotels gorgeous interiors celebrate the unique vibe of Barcelona and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Likewise, BaTabasTa designed cushions, uniforms, wallpapers and home wear following their signature style. At the lobby of the hotel there’s a corner where to buy BaTabasTa shirts. BaTabasTa prints also reached New York City, where they adorn the walls of the hop salads chain CHOPT, in Manhattan., a cool salads chain There’s more to come for sure. Cano and Arnús are full of new ideas they hope will soon be accomplished. Photos courtesy of BaTaBasTa.                    

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