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SEOUL |Think about 9 Owls as a small mausoleum to vintage and second-hand. In addition to the racks full of vintage  handbags, shoes, clothes and accessories 9 Owls also pays tribute to their devotion for vintage items in their very particular way: a growing collection of quirky decorations and other items that you are most likely to fall in love with. Make no mistake though, not everything there is on sale. 9 Owls’ owners like to spend huge amounts of time searching for new items and curating their very varied stock; and understandably they like to keep the more special decorations items for themselves. Like a tiny tribute to vintage that decorates the store’s racks and walls. Likewise, this makes of 9 Owls a sort of hybrid between a thrift store and a vintage boutique, making this shopping spot even more authentic. Especially in a city like Seoul where a few years ago -9 Owls opened its doors in 2009- it was quite hard to find reliable sellers of interesting vintage stuff. When heading for 9 Owls, be ready to try on and on and on anything you like. The staff is essentially kind and they have fun as costumers pop in and search for hidden treasures. Such as designer bags from Versace or Chanel; creations from the 20s to the 60s, 70s and the 90s from Internationally acclaimed brands; ready to wear; or an awfully big amount of accessories: necklaces, earrings, hats and gloves or sun glasses. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS. 9 Owls Address: 서울시강남구신사동 546-3 B1 Sinsadong 546-3B1, Gangnam District Seoul, South Korea.  See on Google maps.

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