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TOKYO| Mystically located underneath the JR Okachinachi railway station, 2K540 Aki-Oka Artisan is probably one of the quirkiest monuments to craftsmanship. Its neat interiors made of white tall metal columns and asphalt pavement reminds of a renovated industrial building. But this is not the typical isolated urban creative spot normally located in the outskirts of big cities. 2K540 Aki-Oka Artisan is located exactly 2 kilometers 540 meters of the center of Tokyo, amidst the noisy and iconic Akihabara district. It works as an art and crafts spot, hosting workshops, coffee shops, galleries and unique shops exclusively selling all sorts of hand-made products.
Among numerous stores carrying leather and wood crafts, Cominghome is one of the most surprising spot, which is exclusively dedicated to the most original and sophisticate aprons.  With different shapes, fabrics and patterns the designers claim to be devoted to bring extra happiness to the kitchens. Of course, the artisan town is also home of very creative artists like Hiroko Takahashi. Takahashi mainly uses textile as the base of her colorful creation, which she uses to create her signature combinations of circles and straight lines. One of Takahashi's most interesting projects is the  HIROCOLEDGE where she rethinks the traditional kimono in her own particular way. (Hirocoledge recently moved away from 2K540 Aki-Oka Artisan to her own boutique studio in Oshigae).
(Photos by Earth to Iris).
2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN Japan 〒110-0005 東京都台東区上野5丁目9 See on Google maps.

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