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BARCELONA | Swimwear designer Guillermina Baeza has it very clear: "Swimwear and lingerie are not just mere accessories. Nowadays, they are as important as outer garments". She started designing high quality, flattering and creative swimwear decades ago, even before swimwear became the trendy industry it is nowadays. Her latest SS17 collection "Dreams of Paradise" is as feminine as ever. Romantic and delicate with a boho touch. Delicate fabrics such stretch organza are combined with metallic prints to bring swimwear a jewellery-like feeling. Guillermina Baeza's collection is inspired by a last minute friend invitation to spend four marvelous days at Villa Lola, close to Ramatuelle. Without thinking it twice, Baeza just prepared her suitcases quickly: one bikini for the outdoor swimming pool at the garden; a swimsuit for the picnic at the beach; another bikini  for a nice afternoon nap; and of course a special one for those sunsets by the beach. That's all she needed to have fun. Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona Fashion.

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